4 Instagram Trends we Cannot Get Behind

Alright, AMD Creative is bringing some real talk and authenticity this week to our blog.

Are you tired of the perfection? Do you need a lot more real and a lot less fake? So do we.

Instagram can be exhausting. As a marketer, it is important for us to monitor trends and keep up with what is doing well and what is not. But, scroll after scroll, it can become more and more disheartening what we see. These images of perfection start to tell us that we aren’t enough, and we wonder why our mornings aren’t had on a balcony in Paris with us in a robe and a full spread of breakfast. It’s toxic.

These fake, ooey gooey images that we fill ourselves up with slowly start to become our own expectations for our lives, whether we realize it or not. We start comparing our 20% selves who are lying in bed after a long day to the 110% photoshoot glammed up folks on the other side of the screen.

Before we say sayonara to these accounts, we wanted to highlight a few trends that we feel are not reflective of messy, beautiful, and wonderful everyday people.

  1. Smoking

WHY? Why is smoking making another comeback? Actors, models, influencers are slowly integrating smoking back in to their feeds and stories.

The answer: tobacco companies are loopholing their marketing rules and regulations by making underground deals with these high-profile individuals to sneak in a picture with a cigarette. E-smoking devices have been on the rise for a long time, and while they are extremely helpful for some smokers who are actively trying to quit, they still contain addictive nicotine for those who decide to just pick it up without any prior smoking habits.

We know the harm of smoking. Until the 1960s when the surgeon general made an official proclamation (1964) that smoking was harmful, there was little to no evidence or studies done to come to conclusion. Now, over 50 years later, we have extensive evidence and no excuses left for advertising smoking as attractive.

There are some individuals who do choose to smoke, and we are not condemning that life choice. What we are condemning is glamorizing smoking to an impressionable audience who is watching your every move and wants to be just like you.

2. Perfect Families

Photo credit from left to right: sav.labrant, krystalhipwell, and caitlin.teal.

We LOVE a cute family photo, who doesn’t? We LOVE seeing joy, growth, and love.

What we cannot get behind is maintaining an image that everything always looks like this for families. Family members fight, misunderstand, and sometimes hurt each other.

It is a misrepresentation of reality to always show the smiles and the happy when you were having to try and stop your children from killing each other in the back seat driving down I65. It’s harmful for us to continually see the positive when our lives are so much of the messy, hard work.

We start to wonder why our lives don’t look like this, and that’s dangerous.

3. Facetune

Courtesy of  Facetune  press kit.

Courtesy of Facetune press kit.

Perfection. That’s what this app, Facetune, is promoting. Goodbye zits, wrinkles, scars. Hello perfection.

AMD Creative has always been about being real. We showcase our artwork and creativity on our main feed, but we let you behind the scenes to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of what’s going on around our office.

No judgement here for those who do or have used this app, but we are not a fan of automatic perfection or quick fixes to our insecurities.

Everyone has something (or a few things) that we are less than confident about. Part of our mission as agency has always and will always be to lift up others and grow confidence. We will always have some insecurities, but don’t look to an app to fix them.

4. Bypassing Youth

Wooooahhh throwback. Did those pictures not just take you right down memory lane?

All aboard the nostalgia wagon, it’s time to talk about pre-teens. Whereas we were sitting on our canopy beds playing with our Polly Pockets and just trying to keep our Nintendogs fed, nowadays, it seems that the 12-14 year old range is trying to completely bypass their youth.

Sometimes we look at images of these younger models and influencers and wonder…WOW I did NOT look like that in middle school.

Braces and teen acne were not good to us, but it seems like now those no longer plague our lovely pre-teen youths. And hey, good for them!

But man, isn’t there such thing as an awkward phase anymore?