Birmingham Weekend Staycation (Budget Friendly!)

Today, we want to propose a somewhat unconventional (and cheap) approach to a vacation in Birmingham, AL. If you’re itching for a last-minute summer vacation but just don’t have the funds for one, this is the perfect idea for you and your hunni!

You don’t need the beach, the mountains, or a crowded theme park. This weekend getaway can happen right here, in Birmingham, AL! That’s why we’re dubbing this a staycation. It’s the perfect romantic weekend without ever leaving Birmingham and still being close enough to your kiddos.

We’ve got a few stops for your staycation that you’ll want to check out.


Hassinger Daniels Mansion Bed and Breakfast ($99-$159 per night)

Have you ever gone for a BnB? We love this little getaway right in the heart of Birmingham, just a few blocks up from Five Points. The rooms start as low as $99 a night! Each room has a different style and feel, and we love the story that this entire mansion tells. There is a gorgeous dining room, stained glass at the top of a wooden staircase, and incredible details throughout the space. It’s a gem that’s easy to drive right by every day, but we hear it’s an awesome experience.

Plus, it’s right next to a Chick Fil A for your other two meals a day since you’ll have breakfast covered. Chick Fil A forever.

Airbnb ($50-$200 per night)

If you’re not feeling a traditional BnB, try Airbnb to find some cool places you can have a unique, safe, and clean stay without ever leaving Birmingham. You might be surprised at the places you find right here in your own backyard. There are some chic apartments with great views, little carriage house apartments, and urban getaways.

Using Airbnb, you can set your budget as a filter, and even the neighborhood you would like to stay in. If you want your own space, make sure it isn’t a private room. There are entire condos and houses available!


Railroad Park (Free!)

Railroad Park 19 acres and eight city blocks of glorious green right in the smack dab middle of the city. Over 30% of the park is water, and there are more than 600 planted trees onsite. It’s a gorgeously-architected space for a morning walk, yoga sesh, or sit and watch the ducks day. There is even a playground for little ones. The hustle and bustle of runners, skateboarders, and bikers make Birmingham feel like a big city. Rent a Zyp bike using a nearby station any time of the year, or enjoy the skating rink during the winter.

Experience it for yourself during your Birmingham staycation!

Baron’s Game (About $10 per ticket)

Support your local professional team, and grab a ticket to go watch the Birmingham Barons! You could even take a long weekend, starting on Thursday night with their special Thirsty Thursdays– beers are just $2, and it’s an awesome opportunity to catch a game and meet fellow fans.

Get your tickets here:

Vulcan ($6 per ticket)

Even though you drive by it every day and went when you were 10 years old, it’s time to make a new memory at the Vulcan! The ultimate Birmingham landmark, the Vulcan Park is a great opportunity to get some new perspective on the city below you. Your $6 admission includes walking through the museum, which did not take our crew longer than 25 minutes (reading everything). We reccomend doing the museum first and then making your way up the zippy elevator or staircase to the slotted standing platform at the top of the statue. The view from above is one that reminds you how small your problems below are. And, it just might remind you how nice our home sweet home Birmingham is.

Drop on by any time between 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. Evening slots from 6 - 10 p.m. are only $5.


Check out our blogs on Best Restaurants in Homewood, AL or 5 Birmingham, AL Local Gems for some awesome food ideas. Birmingham is not short on good food. Just make sure to try something new!