We have to admit, we are some serious foodies here at AMD Creative. Every Friday, we like to trek out into the Birmingham sunshine for some local grub. Lately, our scene has been Homewood. Can you blame us? There is no shortage of restaurants and eateries that leave our bellies full and our heart happy.

This summer is going to be hot and busy for everybody, but do yourself a favor and carve out a lunch or afternoon to come visit some of the best restaurants in Homewood, AL.

These are in no particular order, but each one was chosen to satisfy a different craving– we’ve got sweets, we’ve got healthy, we’ve got soul food. We’ve got it all!


The ono poké

Poké is all the rage these days. What is poké? Sliced raw fish served over a bed of rice with other sliced veggies and topping add-ins.

The ono poké does poké like no other. With each bite of your bowl, you can taste just how fresh each ingredient is. There are two size options: the small or the large- for us, the small is PLENTY. If you have a gluten allergy or just prefer it, The ono poké offers mixed greens as a replacement for rice. Their service is always crazy quick and friendly. Besides their Homewood location, they have a space in the Pizitz Food Hall.

AMD Creative’s Pick: Big bowl with white rice and salmon, cucumber, scallions, sweet onion, and crunch topped with wasabi aioli and samurai sauce.

Urban Cookhouse

Want to know where your food actually comes from? Urban Cookhouse has you covered. They source many of their ingredients from local businesses and family farms, which you can read about on their website. Urban Cookhouse not only supports their community by sourcing local ingredients, but they also donate food to select nonprofits and charity events (application on website).

Millie Ray’s orange rolls are a must-have with your meal. And if you love them like we do, then you’ll want to take a package home with you. They have wraps, sandwiches, salads, and lighter plate options. Whatever craving you have, they can satisfy.

AMD Creative’s Pick: The Down Home


Farm Bowl+ Juice Co.

What will you find at Farm Bowl+ Juice Co? Acai bowls, cold pressed juice, smoothie, wellness shots. We love the experience of going to Farm Bowl + Juice Co! Their outside mural is the perfect picture spot, the swings are delightful, and the staff are lovely. If you are looking for a quick snag, try their pre-bottled juice options. They are an awesome pick-me-up after a gym session!

Not only do they source local ingredients across the state of Alabama, but they have teamed up with KultureCity to offer a sensory kit for children with disabilities, making their restaurant more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

AMD Creative’s Pick: The Nutty Professor

Cookie Fix

Where do we even begin? Cookie Fix has taken our definition of cookies to the next level. Their fresh-baked cookies are the heavenly intersection of crispy yet soft. The tall, thick cookies are a refreshing redirection from the usual flat, store-bought cookies. There are always so many flavors to choose from that change daily (check their Facebook® or Instagram® before heading in to view the daily menu!).

Another thing we love? You can pick up frozen dough to go any time and bake them at the house yourself! Plus, you can ship tins or frozen dough to go online. Owner Amy Jason has made these bad boys accessible as can be– it’s a bit dangerous for a sweet tooth.

AMD Creative’s Pick: Oreo M&M Cookie

Big Spoon Creamery

One more sweet place in Homewood you cannot forget about- Big Spoon Creamery! Big Spoon Creamery always seems to be pushing the boundaries of ice cream. A new, creamy, sugary concoction pops up every week. Lavender ice cream, cereal milk ice cream, and taco cones are a hit with us!

New flavors and new inventions aside, they also have all of our favorite ice cream classics that change seasonally. Their waffle cones in many flavors are sure to hit the spot, and the ice cream sandwiches are absolutely incredible. Look for them around Birmingham in their new ice cream mobile, “Bessie Blue.” If you aren’t early to Pepper Place Market on Saturday, you might just find them with a few flavors already sold out. This place is no joke!

AMD Creative’s Pick: Cookies and Cream in a Chocolate Waffle Cone