Top 10 Trends for Spring 2019

AMD Creative Trend Tracker

It’s that time again! AMD Creative is releasing our top trends that we have been tracking for spring of 2019. From everything to fashion to lifestyle to filters, we have had our eyes on the lookout for consistent trends all the way from celebrities to the streets of downtown Birmingham. These trends are sweeping social media, and we want to report out to our loyal followers and supporters.


We also track trends as a way to keep our accounts running with the times, without chasing that next big thing. They are called trends for a reason, one day they’re in and one day they’re out. Sometimes, we may even see a trend cycle back through. Point is, our strategies here are timeless, but hey, it’s kind of fun to see what’s hip and happening these days.


1)    Lavender. EVERYTHING.

Yes, we’ve been tracking this one for a while. But can you blame us? There is so much lavender all around us. Retailers to celebrities to kitchen items are all embossed with the color lavender. As a color, lavender communicates grace, elegance, youth and vitality. It’s the quintessential spring color, but this year, it seems to be hitting even harder than ever.

What we’re obsessed with:

From left to right: KitchenAid Lavender Cream Artisan Stand Mixer, Kate Spade Margaux Medium Satchel, Venus et Fleur® Small Round, White Classic Arrangement.

2)    Matching Pajama Sets

Come on, we’ve all seen this one. From “Mommy and Me” to bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding to matching PJs in the name of self care. Matching pajamas are just the cutest and make bed time so much more fun. We have tried matching PJs, and we can report back that everyone could use the extra little confidence boost that comes with them. You can go the top and shorts route for the summer, and then switch it up to the long john style for winter.

From left to right: Mindy Kaling and daughter in BedHead Pajamas, photo of Bedhead Pajamas by @donnanewmanphoto for the wedding of @cakibw, photo from @Pjamalicious for GiantTigerStore

3)    Healthy Eating

Okay, so this is a trend that we can all get behind. Eating healthy makes your skin glow and helps your body to heal, grow, and keep up with your crazy schedule. More and more folks are opting to kick fat & sweets to the curb for that extra H2O & veggies. Celebrity cook books are all about this too!

What we’re obsessed with:

From left to right: Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook The Clean Plate, the always adorable @antoni from the Netflix show, Queer Eye, and photo credits to Yumna @feelgoodfoodie and her fantastic recipes.

4)    Self-Help Books

We are loving this self-help book trend. In a world of Instagram® perfection, it’s nice to be reminded that we do not all have to be perfect. It’s time to break the comparison culture, and live our best lives possible. That does not mean we have to be go, go, go busy and running ourselves into the ground. Stop, smell the roses, and take some advice from these lovely reads that we have on our bookshelves at AMD Creative.

From left to right: Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face (also, check out Girl, Stop Apologizing), download a sample chapter of Shauna’s book on her website, Elizabeth Gilbert has done it again with Big Magic.

5)    Style Thrifting

Finding original affordable clothing. Brands like Poshmark, D-Pop and ThreadUp, which are digital thrift stores, allow users to post their own lightly used name brand clothes and shop others. Many items, specifically on Poshmark, still have tags. One of our very own AMD girls got a dress for her brother’s wedding from Poshmark and had a wonderful experience using the app. There are also many local places to go digging for lightly used clothing treasure that meets your style look and needs.

From left to right: Poshmark allows you tell sell those old bridesmaids dresses and buy luxury brand for less, AMD Creative intern @mary_kalusch shows off a thrift style, Dirt Cheap has stores all across the southern US and in North, Central and South Alabama and gets many of their items from Target.

6)    Hair Clips & Scarves

Young or old, hair clips and scarves are definitely in. Whether it’s a large, chunky hair clip or a small barrette, we think that hair clips are making waves like scrunchies have in the world of hair styling. They are an easy, cost-effective way to dress up an outfit or to add a little dazzle if you’re feeling playful. Pulling your hair out of your face has never been more exciting.

What we’re obsessed with:

From left to right: Ayana Lage- fashion and lifestyle blogger- regularly sports head scarfs on her blog, Gigi’s Tween of Birmingham features styles of young shoppers, Adelaide Matte -CEO of AMD Creative- rocks a hair clip look.

7)    Decorated cookies

Healthy eating may be in, but what’s a cookie from time to time? Indulge your sweet tooth with all of the small, local cookie shops in your area. Baby shower cookies, graduation cookies, and bachelorette party cookies. They will have you saying, “What cake?” The AMD girl’s favorite traditional cookie shop in Birmingham is Cookie Fix in Homewood, Alabama.

What we’re obsessed with:

From left to right: John Kanell with @preppykitchen ‘s funfetti cookies, Mayra with The Little Cookie Company’s unicorn cookie, and some AMAZING Graphic Design Day cookies by @thecraftycookier who only does local orders.

8)    Minimalism

What do interior design trends look like for spring 2019? Minimalistic. Think of your favorite industrial but chic coffee shop you visit once a week…okay maybe three times a week. White is everywhere. Metal is everywhere. Natural wood is everywhere. We are taking design elements back to their core: light bulbs instead of complete light fixtures, white tile instead of a designed tile, and using non-printed metals as the pop of color. We have also seen a lot of pastel colors as the focal point, specifically light blues and pinks. Stained concrete and exposed brick will do just fine, thank you!

What we’re obsessed with:

Pictured from left to right: The Essential Birmingham cup of joe with industrial floors and white tile, @buildcom shows us a gorgeous bathroom space, and Pottery Barn’s industrial-styled apartment.

9)    Whimsical Fairy Filter

We are seeing this Instagram® preset everywhere! Now that we have pointed it out, you won’t be able to stop seeing it either. The light blue and pink filter with sparkles, that we are calling the Whimsical Fairy Filter, is popping up all over celebrity feeds. Maybe they are all using the communications agency? Simon Huck…is that you?? Taylor Swift even changed her profile picture to the whimsical fairy filter. Coincidence that Taylor Swift’s album is pink and blue and now we are seeing it everywhere? We think not.

What we’re obsessed with:

Pictured from left to right: Taylor Swift Instagram® post about her album date, Taylor Swift backup dancers for her new video, and Khloe Kardashian’s beach shot with the fairy filter.

10)    Cats

Can an animal be a trend? Sure, if we are seeing cats everywhere we look on social! This is yet another trend we feel has cascaded down from our Queen Tay. Probably a large thanks needs to go out to her beautiful Scottish Folds. Desserts, shirts, and bags now have a hint of feline, and we aren’t complaining. If you are a dog person, we’re not sorry. Cats are on the up and up meow, and they are purrrfect. Trend overlap alert!!! Check out the lavender and cats all in one glorious moment below.

What we’re obsessed with:

From left to right: Taylor Swift Instagram® photo with Paula Abdul and their cats, cat portrait cupcakes by Nutmeg Cake Design, and the insta-famous Suki Cat owner with a Suki Cat tank.