What is SEO

What is this SEO thing?


SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is about crafting your website through individual pages to be optimized for Google’s Algorithm to say, “Hey, this page applies!” to common searches on Google.

And here’s the thing it’s a moving target- the Google algorithm changes every 6-9 weeks.

The power in SEO is it’s distinct potential to bring HITS to your website. With increased website traffic, it means more folks know that you exist (awareness) and are more likely to interact with your brand through following you on socials or buying your products (engagement)!

First things first, you want to show up when your own organization name is searched, so make sure that’s a thing. Then, start branching out to try and show up when popular industry terms are searched.


How do you optimize your website?

Step 1: Think about what audiences are searching.

Google searches typically stem from a pressing question. Think 5W’s. Who, what, when, where, why. The most commonly asked question is “HOW.”

You can see all of the trending Google searches here (by region!): https://trends.google.com/trends/

Then, begin crafting your content to those popular keywords and searches that apply to your industry!


Step 2: Content, content, and more content.

It’s almost impossible to hit the first page on Google without a blog and several unlinked pages that are still searchable by Google. Squarespace is very SEO-friendly and offers a great platform for blogs and SEO optimizing.

If using Squarespace, start tailoring each page SEO title and description to match what folks might be searching when looking for a company like yours. “Best XYZ companies in XYZ town” is a great key-phrase to optimize several of your pages to. Name the pages as these key phrases, and include the key phrases in your description of the page and copy on the page.

The more pages and content the have (including copy and images), the more opportunity you have for Google to pick you out of the crowd.


Step 3: Monitor and Adjust


Like we mentioned earlier, you can be at the top of the list one week, and the next, you’re not. The trick is to monitor your website visits.

Anything that you do now will not have an immediate effect. You have to give time for the Google algorithm to work its magic and recognize that content on your page changed or was added that might be helpful to more people than it was originally showing your page to.

It’s a lot like planting the seeds and sowing them later. Like gardening and planting, you have to have small adjustments and tweaks throughout the process. If you left your crops alone, they would shrivel up in the sun without any water. Don’t forget that this is an ongoing process!