In 2017, we created nine t-shirt designs, an e-commerce website, and an Instagram page. The branding campaign came together through several different tactics. The t-shirt designs were put together in January of 2017 and we came up with a minimalistic look for the summer 2017 collection, which included everything from from tank tops to sweatshirts. We were also a part of the shirt ordering process, where we would choose the colors and designs of the apparel. On top of that, we also were responsible for the website and two photoshoots (one for children and one for adults). And last but not least, we continued the campaign and branding strategy through the use of social media. Overall, the t-shirts retailed over $25,000 all thanks to AMD.

The next year, we were asked back to help with Camp Winnataska, but this time, not only were we responsible for t-shirt designs, an e-commerce website, and social media, but we were also responsible for photography. We were in charge of this project from concept to completion. AMD Creative began designing 11 different custom designs in January 2018 and we came up with the color palette, cohesive designs, and overall theme of the Summer Collection. Since this year marked the camp’s 100th anniversary, we wanted to have an overall theme of tradition and “keeping it 100.” Our main tagline for the Summer Collection was, “On the Banks,” which is the first three words to the boys camp song out at Camp Winnataska. On top of the t-shirt designs, we also took the photos you see and ran campaigns on the @winnataskacampstore Instagram page. At the end of the summer, the t-shirts retailed over $33,000.

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