Farm Bowl + Juice Co

AMD Creative helped design merchandise, flyers, brochures, and in store signage for Farm Bowl + Juice Co at the first opening. This included the large elephant mural at the Tuscaloosa location. AMD Creative facilitated photo shoots and developed original content for social media posts.

What will you find at Farm Bowl+ Juice Co? Acai bowls, cold pressed juice, smoothie, wellness shots. We love the experience of going to Farm Bowl + Juice Co! Their outside mural is the perfect picture spot, the swings are delightful, and the staff are lovely. If you are looking for a quick snag, try their pre-bottled juice options. They are an awesome pick-me-up after a gym session!

Not only do they source local ingredients across the state of Alabama, but they have teamed up with KultureCity to offer a sensory kit for children with disabilities, making their restaurant more inclusive and accessible for everyone.