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  1. DiscoverY

We take the time to understand you, your needs, and your business. Years of planning, retirement funds, and savings are invested into what your have built. What keeps you up at night? What is that next step for your business? Let’s walk through that, so that the story we craft for your business is rich, accurate, and just what you need. We’re ready to listen.

2. Strategy

Once we truly understand your business, we will pull together a plan, or campaign for you. This will be tailored to your wants, needs, and vision. Based on insights, public sentiment, and polling, we will construct an outline of future steps with AMD Creative. Whether it be social media management, business cards, or a full marketing campaign, we make waves through intentional steps. Every step will have purpose.

3. Execution

After you sign off on our strategy plan, it’s time to put that plan into action! Here at AMD Creative, we are doers, and we always look forward to moving as efficiently as possible to get to this phase of the our client-centric model. While we are detail meticulous, we always have timelines in mind. We can rock social media and other digital marketing tactics for your Birmingham business. Let’s make waves.

4. Analysis

At campaign conclusion, it’s important to us that you see your return on investment. We will provide you with metrics and insights to show where we started and ended. Surveys, polls, and social tracking allow us to have an idea of how efficient and on target our campaign was for your business. Sure, we may have made waves, but how many did we make? What size were they? How many people did we reach? We’ll have those answers for you.